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COVID-19 Impact on People with Diabetes

Diabetes and Coronavirus
With the surge in coronavirus cases in the USA and all over the world, there are several kinds of research done, which shows that different people have been affected by the epidemic in different ways. According to researchers and some data, the people affected with diabetes are at higher risk to get...

COVID-19: Diet Guidelines for Men

Men Diet Guideline
As COVID-19 spiking up because of the second wave of the pandemics, many states have announced lockdown completely, and some parts, which jammed life, many people are working from home and have leisure life, this time can give you a chance of reshaping yourself internally and externally. You ought...

COVID-19: How Long Will Immunity Last?

covid 19 and immune system
After acquiring COVID-19, individuals blood who infected by the virus mild or had moderate asymptomatic coronavirus, examining after six months scientists found that the blood of these people still had immune cells to recognize the covid virus. As published on news health today on November 17, 2020. Till now, over...

Blood Sugar and Covid-19

blood sugar and covid
According to an article published in the IDF on 03/11/2020, when diabetic patients are infected with covid 19, it's difficult to treat them due to the high fluctuation of blood glucose levels and other diabetic complications. But in some research, some observe that a glucose algorithm is helping to...

Things to do with Your Thanksgiving Quarantine

thanksgiving day
In an article published on CNN by Katia Huetter, CNN Updated at 0136 GMT (0936 HKT) November 13, 2020, some important things if you’re going to see your family on this occasion: how to avoid transferring the virus to them, according to experts, quarantine yourself for minimum 14 days.

Pfizer’s Covid 19 Vaccine: Most Fragile Vaccine

Pfizer's vaccine for covid 19
As updated on CNN at 0322 GMT (1122 HKT) November 11, 2020. Pfizer announced the result of three clinical trial results, which show more than 90% effectiveness for coronavirus. If authorities approved the vaccine, it will be the most fragile vaccine ever used in the US. which will cost too much to...

Could Mouthwashes Stop Coronavirus Transmission?

mouth wash and covid 19
Scientists from different parts of the world are working on possible vaccines against coronavirus, in addition to analyzing existing products to reduce the ration of infection from COVID-19, such as oral rinse and mouthwashes. Many products play a great role in reducing infection rates, such as alcohol-based wipes and...

Heavy Drinking can be Harmful During The Pandemic.

excessive alcohol consumption
People drink alcohol to cope with stressful situations, it has been shown in various types of research that people in the United States of America tend to consume more alcohol after terrorist attacks. In this way, they are trying to cope with the situation. Doctor's Warning 

A short Guide to High Blood Pressure

a short guide to blood pressure
We did not care about our health unless health complications appeared; we did not care about hypertension or high blood pressure, because we did not realize its consequences until we developed heart disease, suffered a stroke, or had kidney damage. As published in the US News on September 24, 2019, at 11:24...

The Record of COVID Cases just After an Election Day in The United States

COVID-19 in US
Right after an election day in the United States, more than 100,000 cases of Covid-19 were reported, in these highly competitive elections, the US also led a high number of corona cases. cases will continue at the same rate the number of affected cases can reach up to 10 million in a...


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